I studied drawing and painting at the Academie Charpentier, Paris, and for four years with the American painter Charles Cecil in Florence.

My work  is founded upon careful observation  and thoughtful design, carried out in a naturalistic style,  in order to describe as much as possible the true character and personality of each subject.

I take commissions for portraits in oils and charcoal. I have also completed  a wide variety of other work for clients, including creating copies of valuable family portraits and drawings. I have worked extensively as a copyist in the National Gallery, London

My work has been exhibited  in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, as well as at The Gallery in Cork Street, The Leighton House Museum and The Mall Galleries. I have held more than five solo exhibitions in the UK, as well as frequent participation in other group shows and charitable events.

Previously I worked at sea for five years, primarily for the sail training charity Ocean Youth Trust, becoming Staff Skipper of the 68” ketch Lord Rank in Northern Ireland.

For more information and enquires please contact me at nick@nicholaspower.co.uk

Please follow me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nicholaspowerartist/