I take commissions for portraits in oils and charcoal. I have also completed a wide variety of other work for clients, including creating copies of valuable family portraits and drawings. I have worked extensively as a copyist in the National Gallery, London.

Commissions are painted from life under natural light. The normal procedure is for an initial 6 sittings of approximately 2 hours, ideally on consecutive days, or at least close together.  Clients are encouraged to come to my studio in Battersea to sit, where everything can be set up in advance with the best light conditions. However when this is not practical I am well experienced in travelling and staying with clients to complete commissions. Where painting from life is not possible work can be done using sketches and photographs

Head and Shoulders                                         £5000

½ Length                                                             £7500

¾ Length                                                   from £8000

Children                                                    from £1500

These prices are a guide only and may vary depending upon the complexity of a project.